ERIC GEEN Comedy writer and Author

Eric Geen
joined the army at 17, serving in Cyprus.
He spent some time performing in a double comedy act in pubs and clubs before writing for television for comics such as Tommy Cooper and Tony Hancock and Americans Liberace, Jack Benny etc. an interest in antiques saw the publication of his book 'A Guide to Town and Auctions'.
He worked as journalist publishing in newspapers and magazines.
For a period he wrote a fortnightly column for the Daily Express on 'Collectables'.
He is married with one daughter and three grandchildren.
Eric divides his time between London and Norfolk.

Television writing credits include...

Tony Hancock Hancock at the Royal Festival Hall. Hancock in the Blackpool show, The Unknown Hancock etc.

Tommy Cooper. The Dawson Watch. Mike and Bernie Winters.

The Rolf Harris Show. The Kenneth Williams Show. The Two Ronnies.
'All our Saturdays' staring Diana Dors. 'Our Kid' staring Ken Platt. The Athol Guy Show (Australia) 'Pardon my French'(Canada) The Kraft Shows staring Des O'Connor, The Kraft Shows staring John Davidson. The Liberace Show, comedians such as
Jack Benny, Phil Silvers

First Novel published over 30 years ago, Tolstoy Lives in 12N B9.
The Times revue at the time said ' Two loud,spontaneous laughs in the first 26 lines is a promising start, and Eric Geen maintains the pace inhis brilliant blistering satire'

Sunday Telegraph ...This is a funny book, confusing, totally irreverent and enjoyable...

Daily Telegraph... 'To begin cheerfully: a funny book. I don't think I have laughed aloud so consistently at book.....'

Observer 'Never before has a book with such explosive content been written with such detachment; From a remote at-arm's-length point of view, Eric Geen has blown the whole contemporary society sky-high. He ridicules the trendies and progressives,poker-faced, in a splendid example of Comedy of the Absurd taken to its logical conclusion.'

The Listener ......'the satire rushed along at first like a Catch 22 of the future...'

The Irish Press Eric Geen ......'has a sense of humour that is as original as it is outrageous..'

The Northern Echo... 'I must say Eric Geen has gathered together an out-rageous,collection of deviants, educational, ,sexual, dietetic - you name them, 12N B9 has them. And there are some very funny scenes, and some very sharp comments on our society, and some very good entertainment in this book...'

The Birmingham Post - Eric Geen .......'is like a fresh wind rushing through the brand new aseptic streets of our liberal,progressive towns. He hold up to mockery the worried conformists, the humourless whizz-kid educationalists and churchmen, welfare workers busy creating problems, doctors greedy for transplant victims,computers, town - planners, psychiatrists...'